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22 April 2024
EClass Outboards named as finalist in the 2024 Maritime Industry Awards for Innovation.

Proud to be a Finalist in this year's innovation awards. Held by Industry Association AIMEX this award is seeking the most innovative marine products with the greatest export potential.We entered our Electric RePower Kits. See what you think of our application below? EClass has designed and offers the World’s first plug-and-play electric RePower Outboard Kits […]

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15 September 2023
Sea Trial Electric Jet

First Sea Trials of Turbo Jet Electric Outboard!! Wow, this went well!  We have now done our first sea trials of our prototype 6kW electric turbo Jet outboard and we were very happy with the performance. We used a 4.3M Achilles inflatable with both one and two up and achieved a consistent 12 knots with […]

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3 August 2023
Preview of our Turbo Jet Electric Outboard

Australia's first electric turbo jet outboard. Now in prototype from Eclass Outboards

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23 April 2023
Converting your vintage boat to electric motor

Can your vintage boat convert to electric? The gorgeous 1962 Riva Tritone pictured above - which is the classic Mediterranean power boat (James Bond where are you?) has had an electric motor conversion thanks to The Lanéva electric boat company of Monaco joining with Riva restoration expert Bellini Nautica of Italy to replace internal combustion […]

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24 January 2023
Increasing the run range of electric boats

What if you could change the boat design to achieve double or triple the run times from the same battery? One of the first questions we get asked is how long does the electric outboard motor run for? This isn't really a question about the electric outboard motor - which can run all day. It […]

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13 December 2022
DIY electric outboard repower kits now available

What if you have a good outboard casing with a busted engine and you'd love to go electric boating? And you are a bit handy OR want to retrofit electric outboards for your customers Eclass Outboards can now offer you DIY electric outboard repower kits  We've been working on this one for a while as […]

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22 November 2022
Award Winning Electric boats

 We love to see all the awesome new purpose-built electric boats coming onto the market. So, we at Eclass Outboards, Australian-Made Electric Outboards, look forward to the Gussies. Excellence in Electric Boat Design. The awards are named after Gustave Trouvé, the French inventor who devised a detachable electric motor propelling his prototype boat ‘Le Téléphone‘ along […]

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9 November 2022
Electric Boats Voltage Debate

Electric Boats Voltage Debate Why Eclass Outboards use 96v DC Our electric outboard journey started 10 years ago and although we watched other brands working in 48v DC and others in AC, we knew that the higher the voltage, the less the current draw. We also watched Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers go higher […]

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30 September 2022
Lifetime Costs of Electric Outboards vs Petrol

Massive savings using electric motor boats With petrol and diesel prices continuing to rise, many boat owners are considering the switch to electric boating. Most boat owners are not aware of how much they are really spending on fuel and maintenance - after all, you just fill up at the service station as you go […]

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26 September 2022
The future of electric boating is here

See our electric speedboat and electric outboards at Electric Vehicle Expo Electric vehicles and electric boats on display, October 1, 2022 Corrigans Beach, Batehaven, NSW, Australia 10 am - 2pm If you are curious about seeing an electric outboard come to the SHASA Electric Vehicle Expo next Saturday, 1st October Long Weekend. We will be […]

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22 September 2022
Making the Planet Eclass Outboards largest shareholder

Boats with electric motors are good for the planet What would it mean to make the planet the largest shareholder in a for-profit business like our electric outboard business? What would we do differently and what would we continue? Eclass Outboards already have put a lot of thought into how we can contribute to the circular […]

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22 August 2022
Marine Battery Breakthrough

Affordable batteries for electric boats and electric outboards One of the biggest barriers to electric marine uptake is batteries. Most people worry first about the range. The famous "range anxiety" is seen in EV's and now marine electric boats. Well, the outboard range is only limited by the kWh of Lithium batteries in the boat […]

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21 July 2022
Retro-fitting petrol outboards to electric outboards?

What do you need to consider to convert your boat to an electric boat? As two-stroke and four-stroke petrol outboards come to the end of their life. You don't have to throw them on the dump and contribute to the landfill, we can retrofit to convert it to an electric outboard, using a wide variety […]

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20 June 2022
Which Electric Outboard is right for my boat?

Information you need for electric boats This is the question we are most asked. And it's a tricky question for most people as they are used to HP engines and are not sure about what power they need in an electric engine. In Australia, simply look on the boat builder’s compliance plate of your boat […]

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13 May 2022
Eclass Outboards finalists in Australian Marine Industry Awards 2022

Finalist in both Commercial Marine Design and Marketing Awards We are proud to have been judged as finalists in two categories in these awards. The 2022 Commercial Marine Project/Design or Manufacturer of the Year award identifies product manufacture, design, and shipbuilding within the Commercial Category in the Australian commercial marine sector.  The 2022 Marketing Strategy […]

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22 April 2022
Electric Propulsive Power Explained

Electric Boat Propulsive Power Explained. Why kW to hp conversion formulas aren't that helpful in electric boats One of the first questions people ask us is what horsepower does a kW engine equate to? And often they have heard of the international hp to kW conversion formula. Which is 1kW = 1.34102209 hp This is […]

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31 March 2022
Electric Boat April Fools Day Pranks (safe ones)

How you can use your electric outboard motor to impress! Creep up to a dock with a silent electric engine and say you are using magnetic fields and GPS to pull the boat along Go to a petrol station and not fill up Challenge a similar petrol outboard to a sprint with your electric outboard […]

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17 March 2022
1 million electric boats on the water by 2030

New report says the industry will be worth $USD 20 Billion That's the prediction of a report from IDTechEx estimates that “the market for hybrid and pure electric boats and ships will rise rapidly to over $20 billion worldwide in 2027“.  While EClass Marine has been one of the first manufacturers, and still the only electric outboard […]

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24 February 2022
Thinking of electric outboards for your houseboat and pontoon boat?

Houseboats and pontoon boats are perfect for electric outboards,. Not needing huge amounts of amp draw and plenty of space onboard for Lithium Ion batteries.

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8 February 2022
Electric battery charging at sea

Revolutionary new charging Bouy for electric boats and electric outboards For all of you who mock electric boats and say how do you charge out at the reef! Maersk Shipping has partnered with the world leader in offshore wind generation on a buoy system that will charge the electric outboard batteries and hybrid vessels using […]

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3 February 2022
Eclass Outboards takes COVID seriously

Eclass Outboards has a COVID safe plan lodged with Service NSW if you visit our showroom. Including:COVID safe QR code checkingSanitizer available for hygiene and COVID safetyContactless payment for product purchase 1.5m distancing for product demonstrationProduct is wiped down after demonstration for hygiene and COVID safe practicesMask friendly showroomOnline contactless inquiry and informationStaff sent home […]

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20 January 2022
The importance of propellers in electric boats

Why choice of propeller is important in electric boats. We discuss the options and why it matters.

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20 December 2021
New 4kW HD (Heavy Duty) electric outboard

For yachts, pontoon boats, picnic boats, houseboats and other displacement boats. Equivalent to 10 hp A lightweight but powerful electric outboard option for smaller displacement craft. No one likes the noise and fumes of 10hp petrol outboards after a day of sailing, yachting, or picnic boating. Our 4kW HD electric outboard motor has been made […]

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2 December 2021
EClass Electric Outboards Grand Showroom Opening

EClass Outboards grand opening of their new showroom in Kiama. See the full range of electric outboards and portable solar stations.

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