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Which Electric Outboard is right for my boat?

20 June 2022

Information you need for electric boats

This is the question we are most asked. And it's a tricky question for most people as they are used to HP engines and are not sure about what power they need in an electric engine.

In Australia, simply look on the boat builder’s compliance plate of your boat (or the boat you are intending to buy). It will state maximum kW or Horsepower HP allowed. It will also give maximum engine weight, passengers, and load. These are your top specifications. You can happily choose to have lower specification electric outboards, especially if you are not interested in top speeds or going on the plane.

And remember the HP to kW conversion formula is not very useful as electric boats have instant torque, while combustion engines need to get to 5/6000 rpm to develop their advertised HP.  Happy to discuss this in relation to your boat if you contact us.

And because we build back from the propeller requirements, give us the propeller pitch and diameter and that will also tell us what kW's you need.

If you do not wish to obtain a boat license or register your boat, you can choose our 4kW electric outboard which we can program for your local speed regulations. Different locations have different rules so check yours.

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