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Award Winning Electric boats

22 November 2022
far-5-sm gussies 2022 winner under 8m
The award-winning electric boat under 8m. Source PlugBoats
 We love to see all the awesome new purpose-built electric boats coming onto the market.
So, we at Eclass Outboards, Australian-Made Electric Outboards, look forward to the Gussies. Excellence in Electric Boat Design. The awards are named after Gustave Trouvé, the French inventor who devised a detachable electric motor propelling his prototype boat ‘Le Téléphone‘ along the Seine in 1874. It was the birth of the outboard motor. Although ICE outboards took over electric after 1910. Electric outboards are back! More than 100 boats from 21 countries and every continent except Antarctica entered ‘The Gussies’ this year. The awards are grouped by size of boat, in production or concept, DIY retrofitted, workboats, and electric sailing, and some of the winners included:
Production Boat under 8m
Faro 5 
Faroboats | eBlue Boat • Portugal
A full electric luxury boat from Faroboats and designed by Tomás Costa Lima, The Faro5 can be combined with its solar-powered docking station, turning it into a fully self-sustainable solution
Concept Boat under 8m
Aurora Sport
Engenharia Lamarca • Brazil
Will be made with recyclable materials and propelled with a 15kW permanent magnet electric motor and battery system
Production Boats over 8m
Candela 8
Candela • Sweden
Designed to be the most efficient boat ever built. At 20 knots, the energy usage per nautical mile is just 0.8 kWh – the energy content of just 0.1 liter of gasoline.
Electric Sailboats
Sunreef 80 Eco
Sunreef Yachts • Poland
An eco-responsible luxury craft combining electric propulsion, superyacht living spaces, reliable sailing performance and the latest green technologies
Electric Workboats
SRAVNavalt Solar & Electric Boats • India
The new SRAV solar-electric catamaran is empirically designed to revolutionize commercial fishing by minimising operational expenditure and increasing fishing profit margins substantially. 
Source including picture: PlugBoats (thanks for keeping us updated, PlugBoats!) 
IMG_4078 12kW clear 200
We can power your dream electric boat. Because we custom build from 4kW to 30kW plus, inboards, and outboards, we can build to your specifications.  If you have a workboat, a racing boat, a new boat design, or just want to make the switch to electric on your existing boat- we are up for the challenge.
Also, we can retrofit suitable outboard casings at a competitive price. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Or check out our electric outboard range
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