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Electric Outboard Motor

Consider an Electric Outboard Motor. Always ready for a day of boating fun

Few things are as frustrating as an outboard motor that won't start. Usually, the cause is neglecting "routine" maintenance you must perform before and after each trip and an extended storage period. It's expensive, a hassle, and severely eats into your limited weekend off with the family. If this is the case for you, consider switching the petrol outboard engine for an innovative electric outboard motor that requires minimal maintenance and is always ready for boating fun

What You Should Know Regarding a Powerful Electric Outboard Motor

Our electric outboard motors result from ten years of research in tough Australian conditions to produce the best portable electric boat outboards motor available for Australian boating, sail/yacht and fishing enthusiasts and pleasure crafters. As well as for commercial boat uses such as marinas, rescue, yacht club duty boats, rowing coaching boats, aquaculture and hire boats.

  • Our electric outboard motors use robust, tried, and tested Yamaha/Tohatsu type 2 stroke outboard casings. With the same wide propeller selection available. In fact, if you have a suitable existing 2 or 4 stroke outboard, we can fully modify your existing outboard to be fully electric and will give you a discount, as your petrol, internal combustion engine (ICE) is not going to landfill. Great for the environment.
  • The EClass outboard motors can be used on both fresh- and salt water. The outboard casing is constructed of high quality, corrosion-resistant marine-grade steel and aluminium. Resistance to water ingression is part of the design, and the powerful electric powerhead/engine requires zero maintenance for years of faithful service.
  • Electric outboards are low heat, as there is no combustion like in a petrol or ICE outboard. However, to keep the electric engine cool for lengthy periods EClass Outboards are water cooled, just like conventional petrol outboards. If used on freshwater, no flushing is required. However, when used on brackish or saltwater, flushing the system is necessary to prevent corrosion. Just as you would flush a petrol (ICE) outboard. EClass are developing a heat exchanger models which will require no flushing which are ideal for ocean going electric boats, where freshwater flushing is challenging.
  • The price of our electric outboard motors is within range of 4 stroke outboards with electric start, and our higher kW outboards are very keenly priced compared to 4 stroke petrol outboards from well-known petrol outboard brands with electric start, electric tilt, and trim and forward control. And there is no ‘fitting fee’ with EClass electric outboards. Ours are plug and play electric outboard motors. Batteries do represent an initial upfront investment. But this is a once-off expenditure and represents buying 10 years’ worth of fuel up front. As well, electric engines have few moving parts and only the outboard leg or casing requires minimal maintenance. A petrol model, especially with a 4 stroke engine, requires regular servicing pre and post season and has complex electronics. In contrast, our electric motors require none of this. The lifetime cost of owning an electric outboard motor, even with the battery cost, is cheaper than owning an equivalent petrol outboard.

How to Choose the Right Electric Outboard Motor for Australia

A few factors quickly determine which electric outboard motor is the right model for your boat. The boat design will determine the power you need. Factors like boat design, load and conditions will determine how many kWh of battery you will need for a typical day on the water. The following are the points to look at which will ensure an enjoyable day boating with the family.

  • One method of choosing a suitable motor is to look at your boat’s manufacturer's build plate. It will tell you the maximum HP and passengers your boat can carry by law. Modern build plates also show the maximum kW your boat can legally use. This is for safety reasons as an over or underpowered boat could cause boating accidents. Because of electric outboards instant torque, we find the propulsive power at the propeller is far higher than the international kW to HP conversion formula. We are happy to advise you on the right electric outboard motor for your boat.
  • Most pleasure crafts in Australia must be registered with the relevant state authority. However, if the boat is less than 5.5 metres long and uses an engine with less than 4.0 kW (about 5 HP), registration is not necessary in some states, e.g. New South Wales. Another cut-off requirement is that a powered boat with a maximum speed of fewer than 10 knots (about 19 km/h) does not require a boat driving licence. Keep these restrictions in mind if you do not intend to license your boat.

About the Batteries for Our Innovative Electric Boat Outboard Motor in Australia

We only use custom-designed and configured lithium-ion batteries in our electric outboards. Each battery is extensively tested for superior reliability and a long-projected lifespan–ten years and thousands of discharge cycles. The standard warranty on our batteries is three years. There are three batteries currently available: a 3 kWh, a 4 kWh and a 5 kWh.

  • A common question is why we separately sell the outboard motor and the battery. The reason for this is quite simple. The motor sets the power output and doesn’t care where the amps are coming from to run it. This means that as battery technology develops, your electric outboard motor will be future proofed. And we are happy to use any suitable battery technology, Lithium- Ion, LiFePO4, graphene supercapacitors or newer chemistries. It is the available kWh battery that sets the range and running time available. We use 96V DC in our engines and batteries, which reduces the current draw, increases power, and gives longer run times.. The rule of thumb is that the more kWh in the battery at the right voltage , the longer you can enjoy the water. Just note that each electric motor has a minimum amp draw requirement. That is why we have offered our convenient starter package combinations. By selling the engine and the battery separately, owners can more easily opt for the battery combination which suits them
  • Charge time for the batteries is about two hours for a full charge using standard 240V input. The batteries retain their charge for months with minimal loss, perfect for storage until the next trip on your boat. Each battery has a convenient display indicating available charges and a usage meter for trip planning, so you should be caught short on battery. This battery display can be remotely mounted on your boat dashboard, the outboard engine, or the battery pack. The optional EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station allows for efficient off-grid charging of the outboard batteries using solar power or storage batteries.
  • The batteries are fully enclosed in a water-resistant stainless-steel casing with lifting handles. The batteries are differing sizes, but all are portable. Although they can be placed anywhere in the boat, they are ideally placed in the bow of the boat to give the boat a nice attitude in the water. The separate battery in a stainless-steel casing means that you can upgrade the battery over time without modifying the outboard motor.
  • We will advise you on the best battery combination for your electric outboard motor and your boat requirements. Most starter pack battery/electric outboard combinations provide about two to three hours of general cruising time in a planing boat,depending on the speed, and the load in the boat. Displacement boats such as launches, houseboats, pontoon boats have much longer run times with the same electric outboard engine and battery combination.

Electric Outboard Motor For Sale: A Quick Overview of Our Models

We are all used to outboards rated in horsepower (HP), but the standard is to express the power of an electric motor in kilowatt (kW). This measurement is international and makes it easy to understand how to match the electric outboard motor engine to your electric boat. ,
Let's quickly look at how our electric outboards compare to standard petrol engines on the market:

6kW Eclass Electric Outboard

  • 8HP Electric Outboard. This motor would be our 4kW model, popular for displacement launches, hire boat, trailable sailboats, small inflatables, and small aluminium dinghy/tinny car toppers up to 3.5m. Or for those who don’t want to obtain a boating licence or register their boat. Lighter in weight than 4 stroke 8HP outboards.
  • 15HP Electric Outboard Motor. Our 6kW Heavy Duty HD model provides all the propulsive power equivalent to a 15HP petrol outboard. It has been purposely designed for boats needing high torque at lower speeds, such as displacement launches, yachts, work boats without the fuss of regular maintenance.
  • 20HP Electric Outboard Motor. This is our 6kW electric outboard engine. This will plane an inflatable boat up to 4.5m, or dinghy/tinny under 4m with two passengers. If your passenger load is higher, look at the 12kW electric engine. This engine can be programmed up to 9kW Lighter in weight than 20HP 4 stroke outboards.
  • 25HP Electric Outboard Motor. A 12kW electric outboard will give you propulsive power of a 25HP petrol outboard and good run times. This engine can be programmed up to 20kW. Lighter in weight than 25HP 4 stroke outboards
  • 30HP Electric Outboard Motor. Our 20kW Ultra has all the bells and whistles such as electric trim and tilt, electric start, forward control and long shaft as standard and the propulsive power of a 30HP. Suitable for RIBS Rigid Inflatables, dinghy’s, runabouts, rescue boats, Lighter in weight than 30HP 4 stroke outboards
  • 40HP Electric Outboard. This motor is our 25/30 kW outboard. (needs web link) Again, with all the bells and whistles, electric tilt and trim, electric start, long shaft, forward control as standard. Has peak power of 50kW. Suitable for RIBS, inflatables, runabouts, ski and wakeboard boats, commercial boats, larger aluminium tinny dinghies. And as auxiliary outboards for larger sail yachts or power boats. Lighter in weight than 40HP 4 stroke outboards.

You can find EClass Outboards showroom and workshop at 15/2 Brown Street, Kiama, NSW, and we custom build and manufacture all-Australian electric outboard motors for local conditions. We also offer a conversion service of your suitable existing outboard, which is an excellent option if the engine has mechanical issues and you can also reduce the carbon footprint through innovative recycling. We give discounts for electrifying your suitable petrol outboard. 8HP to 50HP. We can also design and build custom outboard motors if you have a special requirement in terms of power output or multiple batteries for an extended cruising time.

Contact us right now with your questions, and we'll help you acquire the top electric outboard in Australia.

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