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40HP Outboard Motor

Join the Electric Revolution With a New 40HP Outboard Motor

Barely five years ago, the thought of a fully electric 40HP outboard motor may have been something to dismiss quickly. The available technology back then would have made such a thing impractical, but not anymore. Near-daily advances in energy generation and storage capacity are making electric motors more effective and practical than ever.

We design and manufacture technologically advanced electric outboard motors that by far outperform their fuel-driven counterparts in every way. Our powerful 40HP outboard is perfectly suited for both ocean and inland use and has been extensively tested across a wide range of applications.

What You Should Know About a 40HP Outboard

New 2 stroke motors have been unavailable for purchase locally since Australia’s adoption and implementation of international small motor emissions standards in 2018. Harmful emissions from petrol-powered motors have long been one of the primary environmental concerns in the world. We have solved this issue with the introduction of our powerful 40HP outboard in Australia.

  • Electric outboard motors are every bit as powerful, if not more powerful, than their fuel-powered predecessors. New advances in battery technology and increased range mean that you can enjoy being out on the water for longer without worrying about running out of battery..
  • The cost of living worldwide is increasing fast. Using an electric outboard motor is the most cost-effective way to power your boat. While not as cheap as the initial cost of a petrol motor, you will experience significant long-term savings on fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Fewer moving parts mean fewer things that can go wrong. Our 40HP outboard requires no powerhead mechanical maintenance. It produces no emissions—and no petrol odour—and it makes very little noise.
20kW Ultra Eclass electric outboard

What Sets EClass Outboards Apart Regarding a 40HP Outboard in Australia?

What is better than spending a day on the water? There is nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying the beautiful rays of sunshine playing off the water and the wind in your hair as you speed across the water. Before the availability of electric motors, the noise of droning motors and the smell of petrol were the price that you paid for this privilege, but not anymore.

  • Our motors are fully customisable. One of the main differentiators between our motors and traditional petrol motors is that there are more options for functionality. Whether you want optimal speed or longer range, we can customise your outboard according to your requirements.
  • We offer the ideal way to enjoy nature without negatively affecting the environment. We offer clean technology with no emissions, zero risk of fuel spillage, and very little noise generation.
  • We are passionate about boating, and we proudly service the entire Australian boating community. Whether you are a recreational fisher using a small 8HP outboard or in need of a heavy-duty 40HP outboard in Australia, we have the solution for you.

About EClass Outboards

We’ve spent our lives on the water. We’ve applied a lifetime of mechanical engineering and boatbuilding experience to create and develop our electric outboard technology, making boating more energy efficient, less harmful to the environment, and even more enjoyable.

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