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Why we believe in electric boats

14 October 2021

When I was young, my family bought a 26-foot powerboat. My happiest days were in that boat or exploring on my own in the tender (an Aluminum tinny). As I was only about 10 years old, I was not trusted with a petrol outboard motor but had to row everywhere.

Fast forward to around 15 years ago. I was the marketing manager for a Government program that aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of small businesses. I knew nothing about carbon abatement and had not thought about the environment in any practical sense. I soon found out that good environmental practice was good business. Companies which took action on carbon abatement were more profitable. I was convinced that these two outcomes were not mutually exclusive. Caring for the environment is good business.

So when the opportunity came to invest in an Australian electric outboard business that combined boating and a good environmental outcome I jumped at it. Eclass Outboards came into being.

Then I had the pleasure of actually boating with these electric outboard motors. I'm telling you there is no going back! What a great user experience. Low noise, no fumes, no pull starts - just push button and go. So easy to use.

With new battery developments daily and the ability to go off the grid boating, we think electric boating is on the cusp of a revolution.

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