Information you need for electric boats

This is the question we are most asked. And it's a tricky question for most people as they are used to HP engines and are not sure about what power they need in an electric engine.

In Australia, simply look on the boat builder’s compliance plate of your boat (or the boat you are intending to buy). It will state maximum kW or Horsepower HP allowed. It will also give maximum engine weight, passengers, and load. These are your top specifications. You can happily choose to have lower specification electric outboards, especially if you are not interested in top speeds or going on the plane.

And remember the HP to kW conversion formula is not very useful as electric boats have instant torque, while combustion engines need to get to 5/6000 rpm to develop their advertised HP.  Happy to discuss this in relation to your boat if you contact us.

And because we build back from the propeller requirements, give us the propeller pitch and diameter and that will also tell us what kW's you need.

If you do not wish to obtain a boat license or register your boat, you can choose our 4kW electric outboard which we can program for your local speed regulations. Different locations have different rules so check yours.

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How you can use your electric outboard motor to impress!

Creep up to a dock with a silent electric engine and say you are using magnetic fields and GPS to pull the boat along

Go to a petrol station and not fill up

Challenge a similar petrol outboard to a sprint with your electric outboard motor (you will win)

Pretend you have left the outboard pull start cord at home but know a way to get it going anyway

Let us know your best April Fools Day Prank? Contact us.

New report says the industry will be worth $USD 20 Billion

That's the prediction of a report from IDTechEx estimates that “the market for hybrid and pure electric boats and ships will rise rapidly to over $20 billion worldwide in 2027“. 

While EClass Marine has been one of the first manufacturers, and still the only electric outboard manufacturer in Australia, the report says there are now more than 100 marine electric manufacturers worldwide.

These companies are working on everything from electric ferries and new hybrid container ships, to the small kW trolling motors now loved by fisherfolk.

The first electric ferry in the Southern Hemisphere (NZ) had its maiden voyage just last week.

And Outboard giants Mercury and Yamaha have unveiled their first fully electric concepts. Although these seem to be lower kW offerings and not available to the market as yet, it is a sign of the industry direction.

At EClass Marine we think that once the marketing might of the large manufacturers gets behind electric boats, a lot of the skepticism will wash away.

Having said that, there is a lot of work to do for the mainstream adoption of electric outboard motors. Buyers have battery range anxiety (interesting as it is no different from having a fuel gauge and planning your trip), are not used to paying upfront for batteries.

Also, not many manufacturers are producing the 20kW (40hp) and higher electric outboards so common on many craft. EClass has put a lot of work into this segment with our 20kW Ultra electric outboard engine

The report also indicated that access to parts may be a barrier to electric outboard motor adoption. That's why at EClass we are using tried and proven 2 stroke outboard casings. Any corresponding Yamaha part and accessory will fit. No waiting for a proprietary part to be shipped, and a competent marine technician should be able to install it. We have a 3-year warranty on our electric outboard engines for private use.

Eclass Outboards has a COVID safe plan lodged with Service NSW if you visit our showroom.

COVID safe QR code checking
Sanitizer available for hygiene and COVID safety
Contactless payment for product purchase

1.5m distancing for product demonstration
Product is wiped down after demonstration for hygiene and COVID safe practices
Mask friendly showroom
Online contactless inquiry and information
Staff sent home if unwell or showing COVID symptoms.

Our staff is fully vaccinated against COVID.

Eclass understands you want to keep yourself and your family safe and well. So we are taking every precaution as we want to see you out on the water enjoying an electric boat experience!

Contact us if you want to book an Eclass Electric Showroom demonstration of our electric outboard motors and Ecoflow Delta Max portable power stations.

For yachts, pontoon boats, picnic boats, houseboats and other displacement boats.

Equivalent to 10 hp

A lightweight but powerful electric outboard option for smaller displacement craft.

No one likes the noise and fumes of 10hp petrol outboards after a day of sailing, yachting, or picnic boating. Our 4kW HD electric outboard motor has been made in Australia especially for displacement boats. Lightweight at only 37kW it is easy to use with push-button starts and no maintenance. Stores anywhere as there is no fuel to spill. Ideal if you want to convert your boat into an electric boat.

See our full range of electric outboard motors. Made in Australia

Friday December 10, 2021. 3pm to 6pm

See EClass Outboards range of powerful electric
outboards 4kW to 30+kW (8hp to 40hp)
All our electric outboard motors are developed and made in Kiama, Australia. We've taken 10 years to design electric outboards for Australian conditions and make affordable electric boats possible
Also the revolutionary EcoFlow DELTA Max portable power
stations and solar for off-grid boating, camping, and
bushfire/emergency preparedness.
Light refreshments, just drop in.
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When I was young, my family bought a 26-foot powerboat. My happiest days were in that boat or exploring on my own in the tender (an Aluminum tinny). As I was only about 10 years old, I was not trusted with a petrol outboard motor but had to row everywhere.

Fast forward to around 15 years ago. I was the marketing manager for a Government program that aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of small businesses. I knew nothing about carbon abatement and had not thought about the environment in any practical sense. I soon found out that good environmental practice was good business. Companies which took action on carbon abatement were more profitable. I was convinced that these two outcomes were not mutually exclusive. Caring for the environment is good business.

So when the opportunity came to invest in an Australian electric outboard business that combined boating and a good environmental outcome I jumped at it. Eclass Outboards came into being.

Then I had the pleasure of actually boating with these electric outboard motors. I'm telling you there is no going back! What a great user experience. Low noise, no fumes, no pull starts - just push button and go. So easy to use.

With new battery developments daily and the ability to go off the grid boating, we think electric boating is on the cusp of a revolution.

Rechargeably Yours


This Pride Cheetah has a proud history as a race-winning boat. Now converted as a fully electric boat. With the recommended 40HP now being served by a 30kW Eclass Outboard and Lithium-Ion Batteries.

We've just released Australia's first 30kW fully electric outboard. For those of you wondering about the power of these engines, instant torque and a flat torque curve means it has the propulsion power at the propeller you'd be looking at in a 40HP internal combustion engine (ICE). Operating cost savings over 10 years are pretty impressive as well. Contact us for a comparison sheet of costs of running 30kW electric vs petrol.

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Contact us for a comparison sheet

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