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15 September 2023
Sea Trial Electric Jet

First Sea Trials of Turbo Jet Electric Outboard!! Wow, this went well!  We have now done our first sea trials of our prototype 6kW electric turbo Jet outboard and we were very happy with the performance. We used a 4.3M Achilles inflatable with both one and two up and achieved a consistent 12 knots with […]

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3 August 2023
Preview of our Turbo Jet Electric Outboard

Australia's first electric turbo jet outboard. Now in prototype from Eclass Outboards

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23 April 2023
Converting your vintage boat to electric motor

Can your vintage boat convert to electric? The gorgeous 1962 Riva Tritone pictured above - which is the classic Mediterranean power boat (James Bond where are you?) has had an electric motor conversion thanks to The Lanéva electric boat company of Monaco joining with Riva restoration expert Bellini Nautica of Italy to replace internal combustion […]

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13 December 2022
DIY electric outboard repower kits now available

What if you have a good outboard casing with a busted engine and you'd love to go electric boating? And you are a bit handy OR want to retrofit electric outboards for your customers Eclass Outboards can now offer you DIY electric outboard repower kits  We've been working on this one for a while as […]

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22 November 2022
Award Winning Electric boats

 We love to see all the awesome new purpose-built electric boats coming onto the market. So, we at Eclass Outboards, Australian-Made Electric Outboards, look forward to the Gussies. Excellence in Electric Boat Design. The awards are named after Gustave Trouvé, the French inventor who devised a detachable electric motor propelling his prototype boat ‘Le Téléphone‘ along […]

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9 November 2022
Electric Boats Voltage Debate

Electric Boats Voltage Debate Why Eclass Outboards use 96v DC Our electric outboard journey started 10 years ago and although we watched other brands working in 48v DC and others in AC, we knew that the higher the voltage, the less the current draw. We also watched Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers go higher […]

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