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Electric Boats Voltage Debate

Why Eclass Outboards use 96v DC

Our electric outboard journey started 10 years ago and although we watched other brands working in 48v DC and others in AC, we knew that the higher the voltage, the less the current draw.

We also watched Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers go higher in voltage over the years. Tesla is now at 800v. And they get better run range from their batteries with higher voltages which was of interest to us.

It is our opinion that marine voltage will increase in years to come.

We actually started at 72v and then realized that 96v represented a sweet spot.

The engine performs better and 96v DC is safe for marine applications

96v DC is considered extra-low voltage in Australia which allows up to 120v in that category. 

As we make electric outboards here in Australia. We adhere to Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules in building our engines, which are amongst the toughest standards in the world.

And we researched safe let-go voltage - and 96v was below a voltage where if you grabbed a live wire you could not let go.

So, electricity and water do mix!

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