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EClass Electric Outboard Motors available in Sydney

Now you can buy a quality electric outboard motor in Sydney

With the world starting to turn to the wonders of electric power and energy-efficient batteries, we have been able to become a part of the push towards reducing the impact of our activities by improving the sustainability of our products. With our manufacturing in Kiama NSW, we have electric outboard motors and electric outboard motor repower kits available for boat lovers in Sydney, See Our Range Here

Why We Recommend Our Australian made electric outboards for Sydney boats

As a local Aussie business, located close to Sydney we know a lot about our country’s affinity and love for nature and adventure. From venturing into unknown expanses to exploring untouched waterways, we feel that you should be able to deal with anything that nature throws your way. For this purpose, our motors are some of the best pieces of equipment that you can have at your disposal, because:

  • When you’re going on solo missions, you can operate your electric motor for one to two hours. If you enjoy fishing or spend your time as a weekend explorer, you can load your boat and comb the coast. Petrol outboards tend to be difficult to navigate in tight spaces or docking but with our compact electric outboards you will have no trouble going off the beaten track. Superior maneuverability allows for ease of docking and doubles as a trolling fishing motor.
  • Easily handled, lighter than 4 strokes but with all the power you can take them on and off the boat with ease.
  • Our electric outboards will be very familiar in operation and design. By combining design efficiency, we supply some of the most exciting outboards on the market.
20kW Ultra Eclass electric outboard

When Buying an electric outboard in Sydney Australia, Consider This

Electric motors have become a common sight across many vehicles and modes of transportation. By applying the noteworthy instant torque and power that electric outboard motors can deliver to our electric outboards, our engines help you conquer open expanses of water with no effort at all. When you buy our electric outboard motors you get:

  • The entire setup. Our outboards include the engine, propeller, recommended battery, charger, leads, transit packaging, and three-year manufacturer’s warranty for private use, two-year manufacturer warranty for commercial use. They are plug and play so when you buy any of our outboards, you can drive straight to your boat and set it up in record time.
  • A trustworthy and reliable marine outboard. Electric motors are known for being safer than fossil fuel motors because fossil fuels are combustible, a factor that can pose a threat if you don’t use and maintain motors properly. Fossil fuels are also dangerous if you are exposed to fumes. Several boating deaths have been attributed to fume exposure from boat exhaust.
  • An advanced and long-lasting battery. Our batteries come standard with a usage meter, and active temperature monitoring which you can use to plan run times. In addition to boasting a warranty, our batteries are entirely encased in stainless steel cases, which protects them from impact, and water ingress.

EClass Outboard Range: The Future of Electric Boating in Sydney

Are you looking for a clean, quiet, and reliable way to power your boat? Do you want to enjoy the beauty of Sydney’s waterways without polluting them or disturbing the wildlife? If so, you might be interested in the EClass outboard range, the only commercial electric outboard motors made in Australia.

What is an EClass electric outboard?

An EClass outboard is an electric motor that attaches to the stern of your boat and propels it through the water. Unlike petrol outboards, EClass outboards have no emissions, no noise, no fumes, and no maintenance. They are also easy to use, with push-button start, digital display, and full torque at any RPM.

EClass outboards are suitable for a variety of boats, from displacement yachts, picnic launches, pontoon boats, and houseboats, to planing boats, tinnies, RIBs, tenders, and inflatable boats. They can also be used for fishing, sailing, cruising, or commercial purposes.

What are the benefits of EClass outboards?

Eclass outboards offer many advantages over petrol outboards, such as:

  • Environmental friendliness: EClass outboards do not pollute the water or the air, and they reduce your carbon footprint. They also help preserve the natural beauty and tranquillity of Sydney’s waterways, such as the Harbour, the Hawkesbury River, the Parramatta River, and the Georges River.
  • Cost-effectiveness: EClass outboards are cheaper to run than petrol outboards, as electricity is much cheaper than fuel. You can recharge your battery for less than $2 per trip, and you can also use solar panels or green shore power to generate your own electricity. Moreover, EClass outboards have no engine maintenance, so you save time and money on servicing, repairs, and parts.
  • Performance: EClass outboards are powerful and efficient, with models ranging from 4kW (8HP) to 30kW (60HP). They have a realistic run time and range, depending on the battery size and the boat speed. They also have a smooth and comfortable ride, with no vibration, no smell, and no noise. You can enjoy the sound of the water and the wind, and have a better conversation with your passengers or crew.

Where can I buy EClass outboards in Sydney?

If you are interested in buying an EClass outboard in Sydney, you can contact EClass outboards directly. They are based in Kiama, New South Wales, and they can deliver nationwide. You can visit their website1 to learn more about their products, prices, and packages. You can also call them on 0408 360 084 or fill out their online form to request a quote or a test drive.

A final word about electric boat motors for Sydney

EClass outboards are the future of electric boating in Sydney. They are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and high performing. They are also made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians. If you want to experience the benefits of EClass outboards, contact EClass outboards today and find out how they can help you power your boat with electricity.

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About EClass Outboards

Working from our base of operations in Kiama, we have the privilege of designing and manufacturing outboards such as our Electric outboards right here in Australia. With a workshop and service close to Sydney Australia

To find out how to get your hands on our Electric outboards in Sydney Australia, feel free to contact us today—we will gladly assist you with any queries.

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