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5kW Mighty Eclass Electric Outboard

Made in Australia | 3 Year Warranty

AUD $7,550 plus GST
Total Weight: 37 kgs
Casing 2 stroke 15 HP

This handy electric outboard is in a new two-stroke 15hp casing.

We can program this Australian made electric outboard motor for maximum speed or maximum range

We can comply with your local conditions and electric boat specifications. This tough electric outboard has no plastic parts and is a robust and powerful replacement for the much-loved petrol 15HP outboard used in coachboats, tenders, and a wide variety of small craft.

This outboard has a short leg 17" and back twist throttle as standard. We also can offer additional extras such as a long leg 22" and forward control. (Model 5T15B E)


Long lasting

  • Few moving parts
  • Long lasting, high quality, corrosion-resistant marine grade steel and aluminium 
  • No Emissions
  • No fuel or mechanical maintenance
  • No petrol odour
  • No leakage, or emissions when transporting
  • Quiet operation
  • Suitable for fresh and salt waterways 

  • Reliable starts with no need for choke, pull starts or warming up, no idle
  • Safe high voltage input
  • Liquid cooled 
  • No air intake required
  • Resistance to water ingression 
  • No pre-season or post season servicing required– it is always ready to go

  • Safe electrical direct current
  • Easy operation
  • Truly portable
  • Auto return spring on throttle, no need for kill switch

  • Super Low Carbon Footprint. We can repower your existing outboard. Not only does your old outboard get a second life, but the casing doesn't go to landfill- and you make significant savings on the price of a new electric engine. Talk to us.
  • Custom speed programing – no extra charge
  • High torque engine for trailer sailers and displacement launches -  no extra charge
  • Custom propellor  - price on application
  • Long shaft frame – price on application
  • Forward control – price on application
Ordering Details

  • To order contact us and we will send you a quote. 
  • Once you have accepted your quote, we will require a 50% deposit to place your order. 
  • You can pay by credit card or direct deposit 
  • The balance is payable ex-factory 
  • Door to door delivery charges are excluded. Being dependant on your location and kilograms of your purchase. We will inform you of those charges. Or you can pick up from our factory by arrangement.
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