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Everything you want to know about electric outboard boat motor in Australia

What electric outboard boat motors are for sale in Australia? 

At this time there are a good selection of small trolling electric boat motors available in Australia. However, when it comes to higher power motors the field narrows. Eclass Outboards are Australia's only commercial electric outboard manufacturers with models available from 4kW (8HP) to 30kW (60HP). There are imported electric outboard motors but these tend to up to 10kW in power. There are also some electric boats inboard importers and Eclass Outboards also does electric inboards up to 50kW and electric outboard repower kits . See our range or Contact us for further advice

What is an electric outboard motor? 

Essentially an electric outboard motor has an electric powerhead instead of a combustion engine powerhead running on petrol or diesel. Modern electric outboard motors have brushless DC motors - which are magnetically controlled, tough and require no maintenance as there are no touching parts. The motor is controlled by a controller which is essentially a computer. Not that this is very different to petrol outboards as they also contain computer elements and contain electronics - sometimes far more electronics than an electric engine, and with higher voltages in the case of petrol ignition. The real difference is that there is no exhaust required and no air intake required in electric outboard motors. And that the full propulsive power of the electric outboard is available from the first rpm - as it does not have to achieve manifold vacuum like a combustion engine to get into gear or get to 5000/6000 rpm to achieve its full potential. See our range or Contact us for further advice

Which EClass electric outboard motor is right for me?

In Australia, simply look at the boat builder’s compliance plate of your boat (or the boat you are intending to buy). It will state the maximum kW or Horsepower HP allowed. It will also give maximum engine weight, passengers, and load. These are your top specifications. You happily choose to have lower-specification electric outboards, especially if you are not interested in top speeds or going on the plane.

If you do not wish to obtain a boat license or register your boat, you can choose our 4kW electric outboard which we can program for your local speed regulations. Different locations have different rules so check yours. See our range or Contact us for further advice

How fast can an Electric Outboard go?

As fast as you want. Unlike combustion engines which are generally set to somewhere between 4000 and 6000 rpms (revolutions per minute), an electric outboard motor can be set up to 12,000 rpms. Plus with instant torque and a flat torque curve, they will beat any petrol or diesel outboard off the start. Having said that most electric outboard motors in boats are set below their potential speeds to conserve battery. As batteries improve in energy density this will change - and if you have a racing boat and want it to be an electric racing boat - talk to us as we have battery options for short but mighty fast runs! See our range or Contact us for further advice

Where can I buy an Electric Boat Motor?

Except for smaller trolling motors under 3kW which are readily available through boating, fishing, and chandries most larger kW electric boat motors are sold through websites or agents. Including Eclass Outboards in Australia. See our range or Contact us for further advice

Why Should you buy an Electric Outboard Motor?

You know it’s the future.

A great experience. Low noise, no fumes, no pull starts - just push button and go, always ready. So easy to use.

Electric outboard motors have loads of features that petrol outboards don’t - Making boating safer for you and your loved ones. 

EClass electric outboard motors are made in Australia and have all the power you need to replace petrol outboards or inboards 8hp to 60hp.

You can now enjoy boating without polluting the waterways you love.

And spend more time boating and less time on expensive engine maintenance.

With new battery developments daily and the ability to solar charge batteries, we think electric boating is on the cusp of a revolution.

Thinking of making the switch? Contact us

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