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6kWh LifeP04 Battery

2 Year Warranty

$AUD 5,150
Weight: 60 kgs
We provide custom built portable batteries with charger, matched to your electric outboard and electric boat. Lithium-Ion or LIfeP04 or other chemistry available

  • Safe, below direct current long-term threshold of let go
  • Charging on normal mains power 240V – approx. 2 hours for full charge
  • Fully enclosed metal casing with lifting handles
  • Display with usage meter for trip planning
  • Ability to upgrade technology
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Fuel consumption
equivalent of 10 
years use


We make recommendations for each outboard based on one person in the boat and providing aproximately one hour of battery at wide open throtttle in full planing mode. In reduced throttle and in non planing mode you can expect 2 to 3 times that depending on the operator.

For displacement boats our high torque version will have much longer range.

* Range will depend on boat load and conditions, however all batteries come with display for trip planning.

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