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Are Outboard Electric Motors Plug and Play?

Well, Eclass Outboards Electric Outboards are. They are just like a regular outboard motor all boaties are familiar with. Attached to the transom in the same way. You will need to set them at optimum height to get the most out of your electric boat - so choose between Long and Short Legs when ordering. The anti-cavitation plate should be set within 25mm of the bottom of the boat at the transom. If you need to adjust further then you can use a Jacking plate successfully

Do Eclass Electric Outboard Motors come with Twist Throttle or Forward Controls?

Eclass Electric Outboards come standard with a twist throttle, and aft control however some models can be fitted with forward controls as an option. And Eclass 20kW Ultra and 30kW Ultra electric outboards come with forward controls as standard.

What about batteries for electric outboard motors are they plug-and-play?

Our electric boat motors are too high a kW to have the battery included in the motor - that is more the trolling type electric boat motor which you will find in kW up to around 3kW.

Having said this our batteries are also plug and play. Literally. You just plug them into your new electric outboard and turn them on. We have all the monitoring attached to the battery. So as battery technology improves then you can update your battery and still keep your Eclass Electric Outboard. It is battery agnostic and will run on any battery where the voltage and amp draw is sufficient.

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