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8HP Outboard Motor

Find the Perfect 8HP Outboard Motor for Small Boats

Have you considered replacing your petrol engine with an electric outboard? Our 8HP outboard motor is ideal for small watercraft and as auxiliary engines for yachts. Despite the skepticism of old-school boating enthusiasts, electric motors offer the same power, if not more, than their petrol-powered predecessors.

Be it for water sports or a quiet day of fishing, boating is one of the most enjoyable ways of spending a day, but it has its drawbacks. Traditionally, you would have to carry fuel, deal with the noise of the motor–which also bothers the fish–and contend with the ever-present smell of petrol emissions, but not anymore. You also would have bought an electric trolling motor for fishing, but no need with our 8HP outboard. The ideal power solution for your day on the water.

Why Choose an 8HP Outboard From EClass Outboards?

Battery and power technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since the adoption of international small motor emission standards in Australia in 2018. Today, electric outboards outperform their traditional petrol-powered predecessors in every way, from convenience, ease of use to functionality.

  • Our products offer clean, efficient technology. Enjoy a guilt-free day on the water. With no emissions, low noise levels, and no risk of leakage, boating has never been safer–for you or for the environment. You can enjoy fishing without impacting fish or harming the ecosystem. With incredibly low noise levels, under 40 decibels, that’s lower than speech, you can talk to your friends, or coach a water sports team without shouting or using a loudhailer.
  • Powered by a top-of-the-line kWh lithium-ion battery, you can easily boat around your favourite lake, river, or bay continuously and at differing speeds for a typical boating trip. With a trip planning LCD display as part of every lithium – Ion battery, enough juice to get you will have no concerns of running out of range or running time. We have multiple battery combinations that can give you even more range.
  • We are one of the most prominent Australian designers and manufacturers of superior-quality electric outboard motors, offering technologically advanced solutions at highly competitive prices.

What You Can Expect From Your 8HP Outboard

We are passionate about boating and supplying boating communities throughout Australia with products that stand head-and-shoulders above anything else available on the market today. We’ve spent years developing, testing, and perfecting this technology to produce a range of products that are superior in every way.

  • We offer fully customisable electric outboard motor systems, programmed to perfectly suit your preferences. We can optimise your motor for either speed or range. We help you get the best out of your boat.
  • Our electric outboard motor powerheads require no mechanical maintenance. With very few moving parts, there is no need for beginning-of-season or end-of-season services. Electric starts as standard. Simply push a button and be on your way No pull starts, no idling and no getting the outboard motor in and out of gear
  • We believe in fast, friendly, and professional customer service. Our team is highly dedicated and knowledgeable on all things boating. We are always ready to provide practical advice on your electric outboard motor.

About EClass Outboards

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of electric outboard motors in Australia. Whether you are looking for a small 8HP or powerful 40HP outboard motor, we have a solution for you.

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