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20HP Outboard Motor

Enjoy Every Moment on the Water With Our 20HP Outboard Motor

In recent years it has become increasingly important to look after our environment, and with our 20HP outboard motor, you can do your part while boating. We offer a wide range of outboard engine options and can even provide the batteries to go with it. Choose EClass Outboards for maintenance-free electric engines today.

What You Should Know About Our 20HP Outboard Engines

If you’re looking for an excellent 20HP outboard in Australia, you should know what we offer and why our services are a brilliant choice. Consider the following things about our engines and services that bring maximum value to you every time:

  • All our outboard engines are Australian made. We know how tough Australian and New Zealand boating conditions are and produce all our machines right here, which means you have access to a local experienced Australian team.
  • You don’t have to worry about engine maintenance. Our electric motor has few moving parts. The powerhead requires zero maintenance from you, and deliver excellent run times, and keep your trips on the water cleaner and greener with only minimal regular casing maintenance you can do at home. No need for expensive professional services.
  • Our engines are easy to transport. Lighter than equivalent four stroke petrol engines, these electric outboards are easy to handle on and off the boat and move them around. And they have no fuel and oil to spill or smell petrol fumes so you can store them any which way, in the car, caravan or boat.
6kW engine in 20HP outboard frame

Signs You Could Use One of Our 20HP Outboard Engines

While it’s simple enough to recognise your own love for boating, it can be a little trickier to know which engines to use. Consider the following signs that indicate you’d benefit when you get a 20HP outboard in Australia from us:

  • You love camping and being outside. Since our engines are lighter than four strokes, and so easy to move around, they make the ideal engine for any outdoor camping trip where you want to spend some time on the water. Store them in the car boot, the caravan or in the boat. Nothing to spill or smell. The batteries can be charged with solar, with the right inverter. Perfect for off grid boating and camping.
  • You’re tired of engine maintenance. Engine maintenance can become a tedious process for any boating enthusiast. If you’re tired of dealing with excessive upkeep from polluting petrol ICE outboard engines, we offer a satisfactory solution.
  • You want to be one of the first to incorporate our electric engines into your trips. Let’s face it, some of you love being trendsetters. If you’re looking for the latest piece of tech that will make your time on the water more enjoyable, our range of powerful electric engines will help you do it. Great user experience, easy to use and so powerful with instant torque.

What You Stand to Gain When Using Our Services for a 20HP Outboard

When you choose a 20HP outboard in Australia from EClass Outboards, you get high-quality electric engines that help you save on every trip. The pollution-free engines help you protect the environment while also helping you save money due to little need for maintenance. On top of it all, we make sure to keep our products accessible through affordability.

Call us today and get your new electric engine for cleaner, greener rides.

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