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15HP Outboard Motor

Enjoy Quiet and Clean Rides on the Water With a 15HP Outboard Motor

Our 15HP outboard motor is the ideal option for a greener, cleaner boating trip We boast years of experience as boat enthusiasts and boatbuilders, to produce the best products for our clients. Choose EClass Outboards for a boating experience like no other.

Benefits of Choosing a 15HP Outboard From Us

Understanding why we’re a better option than standard petrol, internal combustion ICE motors is an important journey. Our innovative team works hard to bring a wide range of benefits to the boat industry and marine environment. Consider this:

  • Our products produce a much lower carbon footprint. We all love our time on the water, but boating has an impact on the environment and marine life. Both through emissions and boat noise from Internal Combustion Engines ICE. With electric, not only will you enjoy the performance, but you must do your part for the environment so we can keep enjoying the waters in the future. With our electric motors, you can save the environment with every boat trip
  • We make sure everyone has access to our products. Our main goal is not simply to make greener motors for boating enthusiasts but also to make them affordable. We are the most affordable electric outboards available. We also have Australia’s first Green Loans with HandyPay so you can pay as you go with no interest 1-year loans or low interest 10-year loans.
  • We build our products to last. We use tried and tested 2 stroke casings legs for robust durability for a long lifespan. Our engines have very few moving parts which allows for low to no maintenance and durability. Unlike some electric engines, ours have the powerhead out of the water. So, if you hit a dock, rocks, or other obstacles, you won’t damage the engine. And on some models, we can provide adjustable propellers with extra blades. If you damage your propeller, you can be going again in minutes. We keep the electronics to a minimum, to minimise software glitches. These portable, powerful engines will not let you down.

Services We Offer When You Need a 15HP Outboard in Australia


We can assist you in various ways, whether you want new engines or batteries for your boats. Consider the following services we can provide as a professional team of boating engine enthusiasts:

  • We stock and sell a wide range of different outboard engines. From 4kW engines up to 30kW machines, we have a selection that will satisfy anyone looking for a new portable outboard engine. These engines produce more than enough power to satisfy. And if you are interested in speed, ask us about our specialty electric outboard engines built for boat racing.
  • We have a selection of lithium-ion batteries available. Our custom-built Lithium – Ion batteries use the latest technology. In a range of kWh to suit your run time needs and boat.
  • We have combo packages available for those who want it all. To get you on the water faster we can quote you on an outboard engine and battery package sooner.

About Our Team and Our 15HP Outboard Motor in Australia

Over the last ten years, we have spent our time improving our electric outboard engines. We have seen increasing interest from the community and would love you to join our initiative to make our waters cleaner with greener engines. With no required engine maintenance and minimal casing maintenance, our pollution-free motors are the ideal choice for anyone.

Call us today and get your new electric outboard from our team.

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